Membership in the Fuller Lake Pickleball Club is $12.50 per year. For insurance purposes all Fuller Lake Pickleball Club members, must also be members of Pickleball Canada Organization, through which, you must also be a member of the local provincial or territorial sports organization, Pickleball BC. These two combined fees are: PCO ($5.00 to March 31st, $10.00 April 1st on) + PBC $2.50 + admin fees for both $1.16 = $13.66 Total dues will therefore be $26.16. If you are already a member of the others, dues will be $12.50 for just Fuller Lake Pickleball Club.

To register please click on the following link, it will take you to Pickleball Canada Organization / Fuller Lake Pickleball Club registration page. This page is used by both PCO and the other affiliated clubs across Canada, including the Fuller Lake Pickleball Club. If you are already a member of Pickleball Canada, fill out this form again, the system will not charge you a second time (your name must be entered exactly the same as you registered before, and once you start, it should self propagate). If you do not have a digital signature for the waivers, type in your name exactly as you entered it in the registration. Once the first page is completed, click on proceed, to move to payment page and fill out payment info. Once payment is paid, and if you wish to join or renew membership in yet another club there is a link you can click on to do that.

Click for registration: