2020 Groundhog Day Fun Tourney

2020 Groundhog Day Fun Tourney.
The inaugural Groundhog Day Fun Tourney was a great success with an exciting fast paced day. Although the games could have been longer, and they will be next year, everyone seemed to like the format, where every game you had a different partner, and also where players played a game and then were off a game.
I would like to extend a big, Thank you, to all the volunteers that helped out!

A Division
1st Place: Barb Lawrie and Neil Rich
2nd Place: Barb Bradford and George Marinakis
3rd Place: Raymond Greenwood and Lindy Arnold

– – – – – –
B Division
1st Place: Rob Macdonald and Sally Morton
2nd Place: Janet Ruest and Dennis Peters
3rd Place: Linda Suffin and Matthew Lysakowski

– – – – – –
C Division
1st Place: Rand Granbois and Suszanne Oxley
2nd Place: Grant Jones and Gretchen Dunn
3rd Place: Terri Jones and John Orme

– – – – – –